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  • TJG  Series Fixed Lifting Feeder
  • TJG  Series Fixed Lifting Feeder

TJG Series Fixed Lifting Feeder

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Classification:Other equipment series
Product Overview:Model TJG fixed material lifting and feeding machine consists of two parts,i.e. The lifting machine and base, the lifting machine is composed of the rack,hydraulic lifting system and the hoopper-turning mechanism. in operation…
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TJG Fixed Lifting Feeder consists of two parts, the lifting machine and base. The lifting machine is composed of the rack, hydraulic lifting system and the hopper-turning mechanism. The material tank and the hopper of the lifting machine shall be connected when before operation. And then start the control rod for lifting the hopper and the tank together. After starting the control rod for turning, the material tank will turn 180 degrees to a position with the bottom of the tank upward and the material can be easily fed into the required equipment.

Technical Parameter

Model&specs\Parameter H A D H1
TJG-50 2050 650 Φ485 2900
TJG-100 2050 750 Φ590 2900

Technical Parameter

Name Volume (kg) Specification
(dia×high) (mm)
Wall Thichness (mm)
Material tank 50 Φ485×460 0.8
100 Φ590×550 0.8
Special trolley for material tank 50-100 Φ500×600  
  • TJG Fixed Lifting Feeder
  • TJG Fixed Lifting Feeder
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